If this will be your first time volunteering with AWOW, or you’d prefer to help in a position that does not require any time in the water, please select the “Beach Support” category. If you have experience putting on and taking off wetsuits, particularly helping children with wetsuits, you may wish to select the “Wetsuits” category. If you are a photographer or videographer, please choose the “Vision Team” category and select the specific type(s) of imagery you can provide. If you have attended an AWOW Safety Training Day, or you have official certifications and/or AWOW clearance that relates to your preferred position, you may choose one of our water-based categories:

  • “Athlete Chaperone” involves escorting and assisting Athletes from the Wetsuits tent to the Beach Safety team (this may involve spending time with the Athlete on shore until their surf session begins).
  • “Beach Safety” involves monitoring the shoreline and making sure all safety guidelines are met.
  • “Water Safety” involves swimming in the ocean throughout the day, tending to Athletes in the water, and assisting with the capture of loose boards.
  • “Instructor” is for AWOW certified surf therapists only and involves administering surf therapy to a variety of children and adults with special needs through tandem surfing.