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If you don’t find an answer to your question here, please reach out to us at [email protected]

What do I do if I lose my password?2018-06-03T17:39:18-07:00

If you lose or want to change your password, click the ‘LOG IN’ link in the main menu. Click the ‘Lost your password’ link under the login form. Enter your username or email address and you’ll be emailed a link to reset your password.

I registered for an account, but I didn’t receive an activation email.2018-06-03T17:41:09-07:00

We do our best to prevent our activation messages from appearing as ‘spam’ or ‘junk mail’, but some very aggressive spam filters still might send our emails to your ‘spam’ or ‘junk mail’ folder. Please check that folder and if it’s there, mark it as ‘not spam’ so any future emails will go directly to your inbox. If you still don’t find the activation email, send us a note at [email protected] and we’ll be happy to help.

How do I sign up my Athlete for AWOW Surf Therapy?2019-03-19T17:23:40-07:00

We’d love to have you join us! First, please register an Athlete/Parent account on our website and include all required information for your Athlete(s) including any siblings who wish to participate. Then, visit our Events page and submit an RSVP for each event you’d like to attend, making sure to select the specific surf session time in which you wish your Athlete to participate. Also, be sure to submit RSVPs for any additional surfers, such as siblings.  Please fill out all required information.  Additionally, make sure you RSVP in the “Parent/Guardian/Guest” category for yourself and any additional non-surfing Parents, Guardians or Guests who will be attending the event.

How much does it cost to attend an AWOW event?2019-03-21T13:05:52-07:00

There is never any cost to attend AWOW Surf Therapy. All our services and special features are provided free of charge, thanks to the kindness of our amazing partners and benefactors. There will sometimes be a charge for parking in beach parking lots, and most locations accept cash or credit card.

Is there a minimum or maximum age for Athletes to participate in AWOW events?2019-03-21T13:06:43-07:00

No. We are delighted to have Athletes of any age join us for AWOW surf therapy.

Do you only accept Athletes with autism? Do you accept other disabilities?2019-03-21T13:08:44-07:00

We welcome Athletes ofany disability or need to experience life-changing AWOW Surf Therapy. While many of our Athletes do live with autism, we are fully inclusive. Please provide as much information as possible during both your website registration and your RSVP for each event, so we can be certain to accommodate any special needs.

Do you accept Athletes with cancer or other illnesses?2019-03-21T13:09:23-07:00

Absolutely. AWOW welcomes any individual with any illness or obstacle who can benefit from spending time in the ocean receiving Surf Therapy from our highly-trained team.

My Athlete can’t swim. Is that OK?2019-03-21T13:09:56-07:00

Not a problem! Our Safety teams are specially-trained to manage all variables, and you should rest assured we will do everything we can to attend to any Athlete in our care.

Why do I need to sign an Athlete Release of Liability and Assumption of Risk waiver?2019-03-21T13:10:35-07:00

These waivers are a legal requirement for participation at AWOW events. Please read the waiver carefully before signing.

Do Athletes need to have their own wetsuits?2019-03-21T13:11:14-07:00

No. We provide wetsuits and Personal Flotation Device life vests in a wide variety of sizes to fit any Athlete. We’ll even assist with putting on and removing the wetsuit. Our wetsuit team is skilled at understanding our Athlete’s needs and will be compassionate and supportive throughout the process.

What happens at an AWOW event? What should my Athlete and I expect?2019-03-21T13:11:50-07:00

Expect to have fun! From the moment you arrive, our Volunteers will welcome you and assist your family with carrying your beach gear, getting you checked-in and making sure your liability waivers have been signed, providing you with special giveaway items, explaining how your day will proceed, getting your Athlete fitted into a wetsuit and flotation device, accompanying your Athlete while they await their turn, introducing your Athlete to their Surf Therapist, familiarizing your Athlete with what to expect in the water, providing the opportunity to surf multiple waves, celebrating your Athlete’s accomplishment in a group trophy ceremony, providing healthy snacks, lunch and drinks, and offering plenty of high-fives, smiles and positive vibes.

Can my Athlete participate in more than one surf session at an event?2019-03-21T13:12:32-07:00

Each Athlete may only RSVP for one surf session time per event. However, we do encourage your family to spend the full day with us, as we offer a variety of activities throughout the day. If your Athlete is interested in additional surfing time during the day, please check in with our Athlete Chaperones and they will work with you to determine if additional time is available, depending on Surf Therapist availability.

Should I bring my own lunch?2019-03-21T13:13:19-07:00

No. We always offer our Athlete families and Volunteers a delicious and energizing lunch with selections to fit everyone. In addition, we offer coffee and breakfast items for our Volunteers, water stations to re-fill your own reusable bottles, and healthy snacks throughout the day.

Will bathrooms be available?2019-03-21T13:13:49-07:00

Yes. Our events are held at public beaches and there are typically public restrooms within easy reach of our event site. On occasion, we may provide portable restrooms.

Can additional family members or friends join us at the event?2019-03-21T13:14:31-07:00

Yes! We’d love to have your family and friends come out to cheer for your Athlete! Just be sure each family member or guest is RSVPd in the “Parent/Guardian/Guest” category, so we know how many people to expect at the event.

How do I sign up to volunteer with AWOW?2019-03-21T13:16:18-07:00

We’d love to have you join our team! Simply register a Volunteer account on our website, then visit the Event pages and RSVP as a Volunteer for each event where you’d like to help.

What kind of help do you need from Volunteers?2019-03-21T13:16:59-07:00

We need all kinds of help to make each event run smoothly! First time volunteers will typically be assigned to assist Athlete families upon arrival, by carrying their gear and providing an overview of what to expect during their day. We also need help with Athlete and Volunteer check-in; distribution of free giveaways to Athlete families; special activities like our art station, yoga, music, and more; keeping the beach clean; wetsuits; safety; set-up and tear-down of tents, tables, and chairs; and special events throughout the season. If you have a special skill you think may be helpful to AWOW, please let us know!

What category should I choose when I RSVP to Volunteer at an AWOW event?2019-03-21T13:17:47-07:00

If this will be your first time volunteering with AWOW, or you’d prefer to help in a position that does not require any time in the water, please select the “Beach Support” category. If you have experience putting on and taking off wetsuits, particularly helping children with wetsuits, you may wish to select the “Wetsuits” category. If you are a photographer or videographer, please choose the “Vision Team” category and select the specific type(s) of imagery you can provide. If you have attended an AWOW Safety Training Day, or you have official certifications and/or AWOW clearance that relates to your preferred position, you may choose one of our water-based categories:

  • “Athlete Chaperone” involves escorting and assisting Athletes from the Wetsuits tent to the Beach Safety team (this may involve spending time with the Athlete on shore until their surf session begins).
  • “Beach Safety” involves monitoring the shoreline and making sure all safety guidelines are met.
  • “Water Safety” involves swimming in the ocean throughout the day, tending to Athletes in the water, and assisting with the capture of loose boards.
  • “Instructor” is for AWOW certified surf therapists only and involves administering surf therapy to a variety of children and adults with special needs through tandem surfing.
Why do I need to sign a Volunteer Release of Liability and Assumption of Risk waiver?2019-03-21T13:18:24-07:00

These waivers are a legal requirement for participation at AWOW events. Please read the waiver carefully before signing.

How can I get involved as a Sponsor with AWOW?2019-03-21T13:20:44-07:00

We are always open to new potential partnerships. General information can be found on our partner page or by emailing [email protected]

How can I make a donation to support AWOW?2019-03-21T13:22:09-07:00

Thank you for supporting life-changing AWOW Surf Therapy for children with special needs. You can donate online or by mailing a check to our headquarters:

A Walk On Water
526 Victoria Ave
Venice, CA 90291

I have a product or service I’d like to offer at an AWOW event. Who do I speak to about this?2019-03-21T13:22:53-07:00

We welcome in-kind donations that help offset the cost of our services, or help to improve our offerings. Please email sean@awalkonwater.org.

Are internships or paid positions available with AWOW?2019-03-22T08:39:11-07:00

The best way to stay abreast of AWOW happenings is by following us on the various social media channels, and subscribing to our newsletter below. Any new opportunities will be made public through these channels. You may also inquire by emailing us at [email protected]

I have a question that’s not addressed in these FAQs. How do I get in touch with AWOW for an answer to my inquiry?2019-03-21T13:26:27-07:00

Please email us at [email protected]

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