What category should I choose when I RSVP to Volunteer at an AWOW event?

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If this will be your first time volunteering with AWOW, or you’d prefer to help in a position that does not require any time in the water, please select the “Beach Support” category. If you have experience putting on and taking off wetsuits, particularly helping children with wetsuits, you may wish to select the “Wetsuits” category. If you are a

Should I bring my own lunch?

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No. We always offer our Athlete families and Volunteers a delicious and energizing lunch with selections to fit everyone. In addition, we offer coffee and breakfast items for our Volunteers, water stations to re-fill your own reusable bottles, and healthy snacks throughout the day.

What happens at an AWOW event? What should my Athlete and I expect?

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Expect to have fun! From the moment you arrive, our Volunteers will welcome you and assist your family with carrying your beach gear, getting you checked-in and making sure your liability waivers have been signed, providing you with special giveaway items, explaining how your day will proceed, getting your Athlete fitted into a wetsuit and flotation device, accompanying your Athlete

Do Athletes need to have their own wetsuits?

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No. We provide wetsuits and Personal Flotation Device life vests in a wide variety of sizes to fit any Athlete. We’ll even assist with putting on and removing the wetsuit. Our wetsuit team is skilled at understanding our Athlete’s needs and will be compassionate and supportive throughout the process.

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