Are internships or paid positions available with AWOW?

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The best way to stay abreast of AWOW happenings is by following us on the various social media channels, and subscribing to our newsletter below. Any new opportunities will be made public through these channels. You may also inquire by emailing us at .

What category should I choose when I RSVP to Volunteer at an AWOW event?

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If this will be your first time volunteering with AWOW, or you’d prefer to help in a position that does not require any time in the water, please select the “Beach Support” category. If you have experience putting on and taking off wetsuits, particularly helping children with wetsuits, you may wish to select the “Wetsuits” category. If you are a

What kind of help do you need from Volunteers?

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We need all kinds of help to make each event run smoothly! First time volunteers will typically be assigned to assist Athlete families upon arrival, by carrying their gear and providing an overview of what to expect during their day. We also need help with Athlete and Volunteer check-in; distribution of free giveaways to Athlete families; special activities like our

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