INTERVIEW: A Walk On Water Executive Director Sean Swentek On Surf Therapy In Montauk And More

A Walk On Water (AWOW) is making its way to the East Coast for the fourth year in a row to empower children with special needs or disability by showing them the transformative properties of the sea.

We caught up with AWOW Executive Director Sean Swentek to learn more about the back-to-back Montauk Surf Therapy Days (Friday, September 7 and Sunday, September 8) at Ditch Plains and the 4th Annual East Coast Surf Therapy Fundraiser (on Saturday, September 8) at the Montauk Beach House:

How long have you been a part of A Walk on Water?

SS: Since the beginning – I’m one of the guys who helped created the organization so that would have been back in September of 2012. So six years now. That’s pretty exciting.

You host events on both coasts. Tell me a bit about the role local community members play at these Surf Therapy events?

SS: It’s absolutely crucial to what we do. When A Walk on Water was growing, the only way we were able to do that in a way we thought was the right way to do that was to really engage the local community of whatever city or town or area that we were trying to host an event in. We don’t ever go in blind, if you will, to a new area. In the instance of Montauk, it was kind of our first big growth outside of Southern California. We have Laura Rubin in our organization and she was bicoastal, spent a lot of time in the City, but also in Montauk and had created a lot of valuable relationships out there so she sort of handfed us into that community and introduced us to a lot of the really important key players that still to this day play a key part in making our Montauk event happen. We really value those relationships and the way they’ve become leaders in the organization, especially on the East Coast.

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