A Gift in Memory of Your Loved One

Leaving a gift to A Walk On Water in your will is a way of leaving a legacy of Surf Therapy for children in need for many years to come. No matter the size, your donation will positively impact a child in need through a transformative Surf Therapy experience.

Every year, A Walk On Water reaches more and more children with special needs or disability, but this represents but a fraction of all those in need. Your legacy gift can directly affect the most vulnerable of our populations, and create life-changing positive growth for needy families and their children. Leaving money for AWOW Surf Therapy in your will is a gift to a child that they will carry with them forever.

If you recently lost a loved one, and are looking for a way to memorialize their life through A Walk On Water, we can assist you in creating a special tribute page, or arranging an in memoriam donation. If you would like to request donations be made to AWOW in lieu flowers, you may direct your friends and family to awalkonwater.org/donate, where they may write a note to your loved one in concert with their gift.

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Memorial Gifts to AWOW
Memorial Gifts to AWOW

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By joining the AWOW Family you are forever changing the lives of families in need, and we welcome you to join us to personally witness the effect of your donation at an AWOW Surf Therapy event near you. Thank you for your donation.