My son Thomas, who is a 20 year old energetic non-verbal individual with autism, enjoyed the event in Montauk so much. It is so rare to find a community where someone on his end of the spectrum is included and accepted into open arms and hearts so enthusiastically and lovingly. That is the true beauty of what the surfing community does when they come together with AWOW to share with individuals with autism the mutual love of the ocean waves and surf. It is no secret that people with autism are attracted to water. The calm and peace my son felt afterwards was evident in the great school bus rides and great school days for the entire week afterwards which was reported to me by his teacher and bus staff. The calmness of his body and smiles on his face and the enthusiastic head nod YES he gave me when I asked him if he had enjoyed the day with all the surfers said it all, not to mention the restorative nights of peaceful sleep that followed not only for Thomas but for his whole family.

Hey, we could use this on a weekly basis please!!! I am dreaming of a future for my son that would involve living in a surfers commune kind of group home where this could be a way of living..drumming with their hands in the sand while listening to guitars and singing around a beach fire, eating delicious seafood and such, and catching waves on a daily basis with support staff in place to assist with their individual needs. An Autism Utopia!!! Let me know if this place exists and we will come. Aloha.

– Joyce