Surf therapy doesn’t sum it up. It’s pure goodness. These amazing human beings provide more than lunch and a day at the beach for families and their special needs children(of all ages).

They take hours with a single child if that is what is needed. The patience, skill, kindness and darkness melting love these amazing volunteers bring to the task cannot be overstated.

The impact of this day on the families that participate creates new friendships, shatters barriers, builds confidence, opens minds and melds hearts. AWOW changes lives.

I’m beyond grateful for the continued blessing AWOW delivers with the help of many generous donors and am proud to make my small monthly contribution.

If you know a family growing with autism, downs, ADD, physical challenges- let them know they can sign up for A Walk On Water.

If you can, sign up to donate. This organization is not for profit. It is for people.

– Jessica