Thank you to AWOW for your amazing generosity and healing surf therapy. I brought my daughter Gracie to the event at Cardiff by the Sea. From the moment we got out of the car, the kindness from your volunteer staff was overwhelming. From dragging my wagon down on the sand, to putting Gracie in her wetsuit, playing in the surf and ultimately when she was paired up with an instructor, every moment and layer of help was well planned and executed. I don’t often feel like I have someone who truly walks along side of me, when dealing with my highly energetic, developmentally delayed beautiful girl. Today I felt connected and supported. AWOW really excelled at anticipating our needs and created a fun, family focused environment for the kids. Lastly, I have to give a HUGE shoutout to our instructor Dale. He was the example of selflessness of that characterizes AWOW. He lost his house in the recent Malibu fire and 2 days later was on the beach with us. He was so good with Gracie and was really patient. The highlight of our day was him putting her in the barrel of the wave! She came out of the water wanting “more surfing” and even though he was exhausted he paddled her out 2 more times for waves. My love and support goes out to A Walk on Water. Thank you for the memories.

– Mindy