I wanted to say hello and once again thank AWOW for all you do. I wanted to share with you that Conor continued surfing since he first went surfing with you in November, 2017 and again in April, 2018 at NLand. In early August, we went back to NLand and tried private lessons. I told the instructor that my goal was for he and I to be able to surf together one day (despite the fact I haven’t surfed in years). We have been surfing once a week at NLand since then, and Conor is doing incredible! He’s on his own board and never misses a wave. We still surf with an instructor to learn rules and technique, but he is doing a great job and having a lot of fun. I now surf with them which has been so great for me too.

We have seen so many positive changes in Conor since he started surfing: he talks more, he is far more relaxed during the week and he initiates interaction with others.

So thank you all for getting us started. It has changed our lives for the better.

Conor even created his own youtube channel with some of his surfing videos. Check it out at: Conor Corrigan.

– Shelly