What is AWOW?

A Walk On Water is a non profit organization that gives special need families a day free of worries, stresses, eases all concerns and provides freedom! From the moment you arrive to the moment you leave you are treated as family.

Now what is AWOW to us?

AWOW is our extended family, our son JJ has autism and a severe form of Epilepsy. He has many obstacles that prevent him at times from having a quality of life, however at our very first event he was smiling, playing with the sand and doing his best to interact with the instructors. There was an instructor who just clicked with him and his name was Ruben, Rube and JJ hit the waves and I watched in awe. Rube had to work for JJ’s trust but that didn’t seem to stop him.. now, so you know for comfort JJ is a fighter getting him from the sand to water is a bit tough but once he’s out there he LOVES it! In fact now a year or so later he will go out with Ben who is another AWOW instructor he has built trust with and truly loves the beach. If your a parent wondering if this would be a good fit for you I strongly recommend giving it a shot! The entire team is amazing! Patient, caring, loving and truly wonderful.

We have been very blessed to be a part of such wonderful souls! We can’t wait for the next event and to have some fun!!

– Nicole and Mike (Parents of JJ and Faith) of San Bernardino