I’ve have been having a hard time knowing just what to say to express my gratitude for the experience my children had on September 6 in Montauk! It was absolutely incredible and amazing for my family as a whole. Taking my kids anywhere out of our usual element is difficult and this was a source of worry for me. From the moment we walked up and checked in for attendance – Agatha welcomed us with open arms and kind words. Bob who was in charge of the water safety made a point of explaining why my kids couldn’t just run in the water – using rocks and drawing in the sand – I was shell shocked! Seeing someone who has never met us take the time to simply explain on a level that my son could understand was awesome – in a world of I said no because I am the adult and you are the child this was so reassuring. Several other moms chatted with me and reassured me that my kids would be fine – not to worry. The surfing itself was amazing watching both my children age 8 and 5 get up on the board – was a sight to see. My son tried a “typical” surf camp and was so deflated and disappointed because he couldn’t even stand on the board – even the longest one that they had and he saw many kids he knew from school younger than him being able to do it with ease and it really embarrassed him. However, working with Pat he did really well and 3 days later for the first time he had the confidence to swing on the swings and pump his legs and do it himself!!! A goal that we have had for years.

My “typical” daughter was allowed to participate as well which was so incredible!! She was able to get an opportunity that she will not forget! She is only 5 and the impression that was made on her is awe inspiring. Normally any event we go to she is an after thought here she was just as important as her big brother and welcomed just as heartily!

The weather wasn’t the greatest on the Friday however it was the brightest day we had as a family – Agatha made sure that both myself and my husband got massages and I feel like we have been welcomed into a new community that although I have only met them once have touched our lives in ways we have yet to see! We can’t wait to come to another event and my husband would like to volunteer to assist on the beach – thank you again to Agatha and her kind words and enthusiasm (even when my daughter almost refused to go in the water because she wanted to go with a girl – Agatha was there kicking off her boots ready to get her out there )

A walk on Water is truly a group of inspirational and accepting people from all over – I can’t wait to spend more time with them.

– Sue, Phin, Moxie & Brandt