As parents of 2 special needs children, we strive to find happiness and success for our twin boys. We deal with the various daily challenges that life showers us with. However when we are at an A Walk On Water event,the world stops and we feel like it is a day to celebrate our children. At an A Walk on Water event, they greet us with open arms and our children are loved unconditionally. The world may be full of challenges and frustrations, but at an A Walk On Water event the only challenges the children face are the challenges they encounter out in the ocean catching waves alongside their surf instructors in a safe environment. Every wave is different , just like every child is different. Surfing provides so many benefits for our kids, it brings a sense of calm and happiness. It also builds their confidence and independence. Surfing benefits their body as well as their soul. Every member of AWOW guides them in this process. The pride kids feel when they catch a great wave is intrinsic and does not require any validation from the outside.But of course… everyone there on the beach will be their best cheerleaders and fans.We can see how relaxing, how exhilarating and how transforming this experience can be for our twin boys.Every AWOW staff plays an integral role : from the administrative role to the volunteers on the beach and the surf instructors in the water. It is a well run program comprised of efficient members.A.W.O.W is indeed ,”surf therapy”…and A.W.O.W. truly heals.

Thank you.

– Nadine and Charles (Parents of Christian and Christopher) of Malibu, CA