We had the most epic day on the beach as usual. Your team is incredible, and there’s no surf therapy organization that compares. I can say that because we try to attend as many events as we can book all year long. Gotta chase those waves since it’s Sean’s greatest love!

The level of safety you maintain is phenomenal. No one comes close, period. The complete feeling of being welcomed as family is so special. You never leave anyone hanging, there are always answers or solutions for anything that may come up. It’s such a comfort as a parent to feel so lifted up and supported throughout the day as much as the athletes are. The friends I’ve convinced to join us over the years always remark that everyone just talks to our kids just like they would any nuerotypical kid. You don’t know how rare that is!!! This is part of connecting with our kids, assuming competence, and you do it well.

I’m so proud to report that with surfing so much this year, Sean has made a huge physical gains. He stood up completely on his own at Mondos with Christian on Tuesday! This summer he couldn’t pick himself up off the sand, and he was totally prone. He went from prone, to downward dog, to table top, to knees, and finally this week he’s up on his feet without help. Surf camp and surf therapy did that for him. THANK YOU.

– Elsa