A Walk On Water has one simple yet daunting goal: bring more life-changing surf therapy events to more people in need of them. Meanwhile, almost half of U.S.-based children with special needs do not live within three hours of a body of water with waves. A Walk On Water (“AWOW”) has always looked for opportunities to bring surf therapy to people who may not traditionally have had access or the opportunity, which all set the table for A Walk on Water’s latest standout event.

In today’s world of river waves, tidal bores, and man-made wave pools, anything is possible. So while AWOW was built through chapters on the west and east coasts delivering surf therapy events from Malibu to Montauk, a new opportunity arose to bring surf therapy to a community that would very rarely, if ever, have the chance to experience surfing. And that’s how a dream unfolded for nearly 100 athletes from the greater Austin area.

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